‘Coming Back is Half the Trip’ by Geoff McFetridge

The work of Geoff McFetridge is concerned with the human condition. He engages existence and semiotics from a curious, pragmatic, poetic and personal point of departure. His paintings, drawings and sculptures often (quite literally) circle around topics such as beginning and end, relation and understanding, perception, the transcendental and the unconscious. But in McFetridge’s work these common human themes are investigated with the lightness of an intuitive graphic vocabulary. Complex and dense while equally fragile and sparse, McFetridge’s visual language is dance and mountaineering: heavy in preparation, light in execution.

Coming Back Is Half The Trip consists of studies for paintings and sculptures shown in his fourth solo exhibition with V1 Gallery / Eighteen in Copenhagen. The book, in conjunction with the exhibition, offers new approaches to cognition. McFetridge ventures on to the ledge of meaning, bringing us with him on a trip that we can sense, but struggle to verbalize. A meditative, empathic state of mind, where we are connected beyond time and words in recognition of our complex existence. Visual art.

Geoff McFetridge, (b. Calgary 1971, Canada) is a Los Angeles based artist and multidisciplinary auteur. Instinctively ignoring creative boundaries, McFetridge has created paintings, drawings and sculpture, poetry and animation, graphics and ceramics, title sequences and artistic direction for movies (Virgin Suicides, Adaptation, Where The Wild Things Are and HER) and wallpaper. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe, America and Japan.

Coming Back Is Half The Trip
October 27th – November 24th, 2018
at Eighteen in Copenhagen, Denmark

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112 Pages
19.5 x 25.5 cm
b/w/red Offset
First Edition 2018
ISBN 978-3-905999-99-0